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i am a devoted disciple of the doctor.

The Doctor, mind. not a doctor. silly and profound, perfectly mixed.

(the three words you really want to hear from a tall dark stranger? i’m the doctor.)

my very favourite of his incarnations is number nine – because he’s the darkest one, i think. the most desperate one. i’ve been thinking of him today.

why? because in his fourth and fifth episode, he fights aliens known as the slitheen, who have disguised themselves as humans in high positions in order to destroy our planet and sell it for scraps. and why was i thinking of that?

because of this: the eu is preparing legislation that will make it illegal to grow crops that are not on a list of “approved” seeds. these “approved” seeds mainly belong to big corporations like monsanto, astrazeneca and bayer. many of these seeds are hybrids, so you cannot get seeds for next year from the crop you grow. it will not only be forbidden to sell seeds that aren’t approved, it will be forbidden to grow them. giving someone seeds or a cutting will become a criminal act. good-bye diversity. hello gmo.

seems pretty damned slitheen to me. and since the doctor, as far as i know, so far hasn’t shown up, i hope that you who read this can take two minutes and sign this petition (and maybe share it!). it’s a small thing, but it can make a big difference.

done? fantastic!