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goldforestin the stories, the mushroom of choice for the fae tends to be a red toadstool, but after serious, in-depth, empirical studies, i’m fairly certain that honour actually belongs to the chanterelle.

i have reached this somewhat unorthodox conclusion after noticing a chanterelle peculiarity – they can (and do!) make themselves invisible. i’m sure if you’ve ever gone chanterelle hunting you know this is true. you go out into the woods, full of bravery and determination, armed with a basket and rubber boots, and you look, and look, and look, but every hint of yellow turns out to be a fallen birch leaf, and you feel like you’re possibly developing mushroom hunter’s squint syndrome, and you sigh a bit and say to yourself maybe it hasn’t rained enough and maybe someone’s already been over this bit and well, at least it’s a marvellous walk!

and then – just when you’re about to give up – then you spot one! and as soon as you’ve carefully pulled it from the moss, you see another, and then suddenly they’re absolutely everywhere.

most especially in places you know you’ve already looked. like, right behind you.


it’s magic.

(yes, it works to pretend the giving-up-phase. you have to make it convincing, though.)