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today is the solstice – and the very first day of my long-awaited, dreamed of, pined for holiday. four whole weeks with no claims upon my time except my own. today i am weaving flowers in my hair, laughing, dancing (there might be a song about frogs involved – and aquavit flavoured with elder flowers). tonight we are watching the sun set, hesitate, and then rise again.

i am going to gorge myself on summer, filling all my stores to keep for later. sage and lavender hung to dry over my bed.

i will get nettle stung, then rub the burn away with soothing plantain. (the first bit of herb lore i ever learned: here’s the cause. there’s the cure.) i will go swimming in the red lake. i will have strawberries for breakfast. i will wake on my own. i will go looking for chanterelles. i will hope for enough sour cherries to make compote. i will read under the apple tree. i will sing with my father (and wish my brother was home). i will stare at clouds and listen to the rain. i will have adventures.

i will walk barefoot.

huldra(walking barefoot is best done in the woods, on a sunny day following a day of rain. the paths are almost, almost dry – the mud is pleasantly cool, firm but soft and sort of bouncy, the sort of thing expensive shoes try to emulate but never quite manage. last year’s fallen pine needles are a silky yellow carpet, and your steps don’t make a sound. sunlight drips like honey from the branches above, and everything smells fresh and alive.)

happy solstice to you. may you have what you need in abundance.