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so, blog awards. on one hand, it’s flattering to be thought of, but on the other hand, it brings me back to getting chain letters as a child, and the threats of the horrors that had befallen people who hadn’t sent them on and me not having that many friends to send them on to. and yes, i know it’s not the same thing at all, the idea here is to spread the love and get new readers, but…

i’ve been nominated twice now, by two very sweet bloggers, and while i’m not going to nominate anyone myself, i feel it would be rude of me not to at least thank them for their kind thought and answer their questions. so, here goes.

eleven things about myself

one. if i see a snail in a precarious location (middle of the sidewalk) i have to pick it up and move it to safety, even if there are dozens of them and the rescue will make me miss the bus and be late. if they come out and eyestalk at me when i do this, i usually have a little chat with them about traffic rules and the dangers of mothers with prams.

two. i go woozy and wobbly when i have my blood taken, but i have no problem whatsoever with inoculation shots or tattoo needles. better in than out, i suppose.

three. i’ve mostly inherited my grandfather’s immunity to mosquito bites: they don’t tend to bite me, and when they do the bite disappears almost at once. so when i do get one i scratch it just to annoy it so it’ll stay for a while – because it feels like summer.

four. i think sage on fried apples is divine. salvia divinorum, on the other hand, tastes like something died in formaldehyde.

five. for a while, i considered plastic surgery. to make my ears pointy.

six. english is not my first language, but it’s much easier for me to write in english than in swedish. i have no idea why.

seven. when i was about eight, i was spinning around and around with my baby sister, as you do, and then i lost my grip mid spin. i cried a lot more than she did.

eight. three modern inventions that changed my life: 30-day contact lenses, painkillers that melt in your mouth, green erasable ink.

nine. i met The Artist online. his handle at the time was Total Fucking Darkness.

ten. one of the top ten compliments ever paid me is “you’ve got amazing hip bones.”

eleven. this random fact thing was a lot harder than i thought it would be.

and my answers to your questions

If you could pick an animal totem, what would it be?

a pine marten.

What’s your favourite book?

this is a very difficult question. almost every book is my favourite book as long as i’m reading it. the book i’ve read the most times? good omens, by sir terry pratchett and neil gaiman. i’m on my third copy. the first two have fallen to bits.

Do you prefer coffee or tea?

tea. preferably the froofy kind with flowers and berries and other assorted debris. my current favourite is the good hope blend from the colonial tea company. i don’t drink coffee at all. (unless it’s irish and has lots of cream.)

What’s your favourite quote or saying?

“You need to believe in things that aren’t true. How else can they become?”
– sir terry pratchett, hogfather

If you could go back in time, when and where would you go?

the viking age, scandinavia. if you disregard the whole slavery business (and let’s face it, everybody did it back then, the vikings were just very showy about it…until they realized it was more fun to trade, anyway) they lived in a way that makes a lot of sense to me.

or ancient egypt. under hatshepsut.

What new skill do you most want to learn?

i would most like to learn how to be self-sufficient.

Who’s your favourite fictional character?

this whole picking just one business is really difficult for me. maybe lord peter wimsey. or captain jack sparrow. or the ninth doctor. if my latest obsession counts as my all-over favourite? it’s oliver queen.

Favourite family meal/recipe?

arctic char with new potatoes and sourcream sauce. also, almond pudding.

What country would you most like to travel to?

right now, i don’t quite know! i’m lucky enough to have been able to go to the ones i’ve really dreamed about, so far. i’m something of a completionist though, so i think what i’d like the most is to go back to the places i’ve really enjoyed and get a deeper sense of them, explore on my own. so, that would be…egypt, and jordan, and great britain, and bosnia. of course, i’m very much looking forward to experiencing south africa this autumn.

What type of scenery/landscape (i.e. mountains, coastal, cities, etc.) do you feel most at home in?

forests. big and old ones, where the trees grow as they please.

Who or what inspires you most often?

music, probably.


What did you want to be when you grew up?

magical. a singing librarian. also, hatshepsut.

Cats or dogs?

dogs. big ones. one day i shall have a wolfhound.

What smell is it that everyone seems to love, but you don’t like it at all?

chanel no. 5.

If you didn’t write, would you explode or implode?

no. (writing isn’t the only kind of storytelling, just my favourite one.)

When you play games, what piece do you choose to represent you? Are you always the car for Monopoly, or the orange man in CandyLand?

i’ve actually never played candyland, but i’m the shoe in monopoly…i would be the terrier but my mum doesn’t want to play if she doesn’t get it.

What is your dream vacation?

somewhere with history. i don’t like just laying about in the sun. i have a soft spot for the middle east, and for swedish summers at home.

Which celebrity makes you close the browser, change the channel, or turn the page?

rowan atkinson when he’s mr bean. mr bean makes me require a shame pillow big and fluffy enough to suffocate myself in.

Early bird or night owl?

night owl. i keep trying to be an early bird though…i think i would get a lot more done that way.

Do you prefer French toast, pancakes, or waffles?

pancakes with cloudberry jam.

What section of the bookstore do you browse most often?

fantasy/sci-fi/young adult. esoterica. also gardening and cooking. but i usually browse directly in the boxes when i’m unpacking – and then i apply my employee discount.

Would you rather be stuck high in the top of a tree or at the bottom of a well?

the top of a tree. any time. a spruce. or a really big oak.