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meinthewoodsit was a deceptive sort of day. the sunlight was golden and warm around the blue edges of the curtains in the bedroom when i awoke, and in the southern lee on the balcony there was no need for anything more than a sweater. so, the Artist and i decided to go for a walk in the woods – he to take very detailed photos of twigs, sticks and yesteryear’s grass (research! it’s important) and i to see if Spring had made any further progress since last time.

my conclusion, sadly: no, not really. not that i can blame him. i mean, coming back only to find that sister Winter has left him a terrible mess that he has to clean up before he can even get startednot much fun, is it? and it’s not the first time she’s done it, either! i’d be discouraged, too. but he is working on it. the wind he’s currently got in his employ is an obstinate icy-fingered pickpocket getting in everywhere (i’m sure it’s a saboteur left by Winter; i needed one big bowl of soup with plenty of chili and ginger and several cups of tea to get it out of my bones) but despite the lack of good help he’s still managing to clear the snow away, a little more every day. i do appreciate the effort.

and, you know, Spring always seems to do his best work right before the deadline. (i can relate). in the meantime, i don’t mind if he just hangs out on my balcony.