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envelopetoday, when i had finally slogged home from work (it’s melting, darlings! (at least temporarily)(keep your fingers crossed that it lasts)) The Letter was waiting on my welcome mat. (which, truth be told, isn’t very welcoming. mostly utilitarian.) i might have squeed. loudly.

i didn’t open it at once, no. (i’m trying to learn Patience. some days i’m more successful than others.) i picked it up and placed it very reverently on my desk. then i went and put the groceries away, and fed the piggies (who were Most Insistent), and made a cup of rubus arcticus tea, and located a letter opener.

everything in order and all necessary accoutrements assembled, i sat down and communed with the troll for a bit, then at last i carefully, carefully slit the envelope open (still traumatized from that time i accidentally cut a letter in half).

inside i found an elf very sensibly and stylishly dressed for the weather, and lovely words that made me feel like i had an entire kladdkaka all to myself. gooey and happy.

letterthank you so much, ziggy. you can expect a reply shortly. and in an effort to contribute to the worthy cause that is your gargantuan letter writing revival mission, if anyone should happen to want a letter from me, then let me know.

(i’m sure the marvelous ziggy still needs more elf-adopters. details here.)