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have you ever watched this before? no? then do, you won’t regret it. it doesn’t come with subtitles, but i’m sure you can follow along, anyway… (and if not, there’s glorious scenery and a lovely soundtrack.) this film (and even more the book it’s based on) has been a huge influence on me from the very first time i saw it when i was a child.

when i was little, i wanted to be ronja. no, hold on, that’s not quite right. i’ve never stopped wanting to be ronja. i am still doing my very best to be ronja. (and one day, when i am a mother, i will do my very best to be one like lovis.) ronja is brave and determined and stands up for what she believes in. she has time and eyes for all the small wonders, and she respects the world she lives in. she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself.

she is free.

when her over-protective and over-emotional father lets her out into the world outside the keep for the very first time, he tells her of all the things she must beware of and watch out for in the forest. she listens, then goes off to beware and watch out in the most efficient way possible: by facing the dangers straight on.

don’t be afraid. that’s when things get dangerous.

sometimes (most times) i sing vargsången to myself before i go to sleep, just like ronja does. (but of course, as she says, it’s never quite the same as when lovis sings it.)

this is my dream of my country. the things i love, the things i want to keep, the way i want to live. the forests and the waters and the changing of the seasons. the rush of spring like a physical thing, and a summer both too short and endless at the same time. then coming home to autumn fire, the taste of frost and cinnamon apples. then the hush and calm of winter, eternity of sparkling stars, dreaming and waiting for the return of the light.

i have been given to follow the sun. around and around and around.