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vinterevery season is my favourite season. at the beginning of them, anyway. alas, i am fickle.

when the leaves start turning and there’s a point to lighting candles because it actually gets dark in the evenings and the air tastes like rain – this is my favourite season. when the snow starts falling and i can be the first person to leave a foot print in it (the first girl on the moon) and everything sparkles, making it bright despite the darkness (and i get to have a tree in my living room!) – this is my favourite season. when the light grows stronger again and the birds go insane and the world changes around me in minute ways every single second – this is my favourite season. when the sun barely sets at all and the land preens under the attention, soft and abundant as i walk barefoot for miles – this is my favourite season.

they’re like beloved relatives – cherished and adored and welcomed when they arrive – and after a while you wish they’d just go home so you can miss them for a bit.

i’d like to miss sister winter now.

(if i lived near the equator i’d go insane. sunset at the same time every night? can’t possibly be good for you.)