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wonkythis is wonky. (the grumpy old man named her.) she just joined the Piggie Collective.

wonky’s name is very appropriate. her ears are a bit lopsided and folded the wrong way, and there is a swirl in her fur right in the middle of her forehead so it looks like she has a bald spot. she’s sort of attempting to be albino, but isn’t quite pulling it off. she seems very convinced that she can walk on air. (she can’t.)

she’s perfect.

(there’s a huge difference between perfect and flawless.)

flawlessness makes me sceptical. it has to be untouched, which means it also has to be untouching. who wants to love something they can’t touch?

perfection, on the other hand, is based on situation and perception, and on feeling. it’s approachable, and occasionally even achievable. like a tiny little guinea pig going exploring inside your shirt.

(is it even possible for something to be flawless if the lacking of flaws is a flaw?)